by: admin | December 19, 2017

Most sex workers face some form of physical, emotional, sexual and/or economic violence. The police
remains the biggest perpetrator of violence. If sex work remains criminalized, it becomes difficult to
seek redressal against violence.





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by: admin | December 18, 2017

A third of the families of sex workers in India survive solely on their income. Sex workers demand dignity for their work and the same rights and recognition as other workers.


by: admin | December 14, 2017

Citizenship carries with it certain rights and entitlements, but the stigma around sex work makes it difficult for sex workers to possess various proofs. Accessing services like banks, public distribution systems as well as a citizen's right to vote is contingent on having these proofs. 


by: admin | December 13, 2017

Sex Workers are entitled to the same protections and constitutional safeguards as everybody else. However, our laws, ended up criminalising sex work either directly or through criminalising other aspects of it. 









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by: admin | December 12, 2017

 Collectivization of sex workers is a long & arduous process. We share with you one such successful story of USHA Cooperative. USHA Cooperative was formed in response to the economic and social conditions prevailing in Sonagachi. Within a span of few years USHA has a turnover of 30 Crores... Read More